UNIFTY is a new hub for NFT projects to create custom farms, NFT collections (and soon a lot more) with just a few clicks! No coding or difficult contract interactions required while you are fully owning your contracts. Use our tools to market your work!


Your NFTs, Your Contracts!

All NFT collections you will be creating and managing here are entirely yours, running on your own contracts, verified! Once created, we won't have any administrative rights to your collections as they are entirely owned by you.


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Featured Farms

Selected farms created with Unifty's Farm Builder by 3rd parties

$SACT Brings out a Different COLOR in You

srnArtGallery is a union of artists and $SACT is the token of the community. You can stake $SACT or can make LP's with $SACT then earn points to have our unique NFTs.

Don't forget that $SACT is the first Binance Smart Chain token and farm on For more info you can visit our website and other channels linked in our farm.

    Art pieces to be minted in each farm will be in different edition quantities. Art piece edition quantities will be high on only $SACT stake, while on LP farms will be rare and unique.

    (E.g. Only $SACT stake 10/10 editions and for LP stakes 1/1 editions. These are only examples not exact quantities.)

Open Farm ($SACT, BSC)
Open Farm ($SACT-CAKE LP, BSC)
Open Farm ($SACT-BUSD LP, BSC)
Open Farm ($SACT-BNB LP, BSC)


The mexican eboy community became bound into the cryptoworld through this cryptofarm in favor of the future generations' value of what the $COLD token is

Open Farm (xDai)


$TACO is a deflationary currency where liquidity providers wrap the token in a hard shell and are rewarded with hot and spicy $SALSA. This is the evolution of money.

It's time to go down the Rabbit Hole!
Taqueros, it's time to start staking your $TACOs and $SALSA to earn those amazing NFTs!

Open Tacoshi's Farm ($TACO)
Open Tacoshi's Rabbit Hole ($SALSA)

The King

Exclusive legendary, rare and common Downbeat / Hiphop tracks by The King from Naugatuck, CT, USA. Only a few points required.

Open Farm (xDai)

Nifty Shots

Nifty Shots offers wrapped NFTs for basketball trading cards in his farm. He is offering free and discounted cards for low redemption fees. The actual swap is performed in his Telegram group.

Open Farm (xDai)

The Musicians Farm House

Here you will find exclusive NFT's from new musicians/artists originating from all around the world. Be the one of the first to own a piece of history and support artists directly by staking Honey and earning points. Have fun and enjoy great music, videos and art.

Open Farm (xDai)


Trism is a digital collectibles producer & trader, providing liquidity for trism token. Activities include art/merchandise sale, NFT creation and commissions. Future plans include creating finance or token reward (APY) linked incentive due to vesting duration. Trism can be bought on Uniswap and

Open Farm (Ethereum)

Cold Truth Culture

Cold Truth Culture is a new artist-founded project on the xDai chain, which provides the same features like Ethereum while being compatible with Metamask - at extremely low gas costs! With the release of of the project's $COLD token you are able to stake for exclusive art. The token will be airdropped as well as listed on xDai's Honeyswap DEX.

Open Farm ($COLD, xDai)
Open Farm ($COLD-LP, xDai)
Open Farm ($HNY/$COLD LP RARES, xDai)
Open Farm ($COLD / NSFW!!, xDai)
Open Farm ($COLD / Music, xDai)
Open Farm ($COLD-LP / Music, xDai)

Richard Dixon

Excited to be one of the first artists on Unifty! I will be dropping unique works that you won't see anywhere else. My work is a combination of hand painted and mixed media, finished digitally. Love and hearts abound. Richard Dixon loves you.

Open Farm ($NIF, Ethereum)
Open Farm ($RICH, xDai)

Harem Token

Harem Token trains machine learning algorithms to automate the creation and distribution of adult entertainment content. In layman's terms, it trains AIs to create porn.

Each Harem Token NFT represents total or partial ownership of an AI generated woman, specifically, the girl you see in your NFT. These NFTs can be kept for personal use, resold as collectibles, or staked on the Harem web platform.

If you stake your Harem Token NFT, the girl represented in it will become available for Harem web platform users to deepfake into videos using Harem's open Deepfake API, and you as the NFT owner & staker will receive a portion of profits for each video created through Harem using your NFT girl.

Open Farm (Ethereum)
Open Farm (xDai)

Unifty Roadmap


Roadmap - Phase 1

November 2020
Initial Release (done)

Releasing website, collection management dapp, free pass collectibles, first announcements and social media setup.

December 2020
Farming Dapp & Token Release (done)

Create and manage unlimited farms for your NFT community. Starting to distribute our ERC20 token (NIF).

February 2021
Marketplace Release

Buy & sell NFTs on all supported chains.

March 2021
Presale & Copyright Dapps Release

Create presale auctions as well as copyright evidence for your NFTs.

June 2021
NFT Swap Release & Entering Phase 2

Swap NFTs of similar value on UNIFTY and looking ahead for Phase 2.

Coming Soon™
Polkadot / Moonbeam

Moonbeam support for all Unifty features, utilizing Polkadot (already running on Moonbeam Alpha).