UNIFTY is a new hub for NFT projects to create custom farms, NFT collections (and soon a lot more) with just a few clicks! No coding or difficult contract interactions required while you are fully owning your contracts. Use our tools to market your work!


Your NFTs, Your Contracts!

All NFT collections you will be creating and managing here are entirely yours, running on your own contracts, verified! Once created, we won't have any administrative rights to your collections as they are entirely owned by you.


More to Come!

We are currently working hard to deliver outstanding features to support your NFT projects. Until then, head to Your Collections and start creating! Limited Free Pass wildcards available! You may also find us at Telegram and our $NIF token at Uniswap.

Unifty Roadmap


Roadmap - Phase 1

November 2020
Initial Release (done)

Releasing website, collection management dapp, free pass collectibles, first announcements and social media setup.

December 2020
Farming Dapp & Token Release (done)

Create and manage unlimited farms for your NFT community. Starting to distribute our ERC20 token (NIF).

January 2021
Presale & Copyright Dapps Release

Create presale auctions as well as copyright evidence for your NFTs.

May 2021
NFT Swap Release & Entering Phase 2

Swap NFTs of similar value on UNIFTY and looking ahead for Phase 2.