Welcome to the administration panel of your TikToks™ NFTs!

TikTok™ NFTs (BETA)

Automatically create NFTs from your TikToks™ - just add your TikTok™ handle and some gas, that's it!
You can unregister at any time. Remaining gas funds will be credited back to your account upon unregistering.

Register TikTok™ Account

Please note: after registration, please add the text "NFT Authorization Granted" somewhere in the description of your next TikTok™ to activate the automatic NFT creation (you will need to do this only once per registration).

Lookup TikTok™ Account

Here you can lookup the status of a TikTok™ account and add gas funds or stop the registration.
Please note: registrations with too few gas funds will automtically be removed and you will need to register again.